by Miri Israeli

Modern Table Design From An Old Electric Wire Reel

Eco-Design, I made this from an electric wire reel reused to make a modern table Design “Pop Art” and “op art“. The Materials used for the table Design, materials like old wallpaper, parts of Styrofoam and pieces of wood.
I created the table shown in an art show in my town. To show how much beauty there in everyday materials that are thrown away, and with them you can create a useful beautiful art with awareness to save the environment. I cut pieces of old wallpaper with a pop art style paintings and glued them on pieces of Styrofoam and pieces of an old tree. I kept the original and the manufacturer’s instructions on the wooden wheel to keep the authenticity of the source and the exposed holes left wheel. Next to them I cut pieces of Styrofoam and painted them black and them glued wallpaper scraps of paper in black and white.
You are welcome to my blog to see the table designed for an art exhibition of readymade shown in Ra’anana in Israel. So there is also a video on YouTube for your reference.
Those who want to ask questions feel free to send me email. Good luck.







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