by Giulia Sicilia

Necklaces Made with Washers and Hydraulic Seals

When we look at the bottom of our drawers… we always find something to reused! I found some old washers and hydraulic seals that I covered with cotton crochet work to create these necklaces.

Cerchiamo in fondo ai nostri cassetti…troveremo sempre qualcosa da riutilizzare: io ho ritrovato delle vecchie rondelle,guarnizioni idrauliche,le ho ricoperte lavorando cotone all’uncinetto,e ho creato queste collane


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Evans Ngure

wonderful inspirations there…Hi am a trash artists from kenya .I am also a jeweller and mixed media artist.How can I post my work on this blog?

around a button
around a button

What a work! I must have taken ages to do it, havent´t it?
Looks wonderful!

james chrin
james chrin

I have recycled New overstock conveyor industrial belting various colors textures etc very cool stuff in need of artists to turn into ART

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