15 Vintage Oars Upcycled As Headboard

15 Vintage Oars Upcycled As Headboard 1 • Wood & Organic
A nice headboard made from 15 old oars! Perfect for a shabby chic cottage. :)


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How wonderfully original! I love the irregularity of shapes and sizes of the oars, yet they all come together perfectly. Thanks!

Liza Davis MacKinnon via Facebook

Julia Hinchman, show this one to Pete!

Lynne Versteeg via Facebook
Lynne Versteeg via Facebook

I love this one!

Adryta Fannucchii via Facebook
Adryta Fannucchii via Facebook

Row row the ……

Hip Urban Green via Facebook

Nice! Not sure how comfy it is, but very aesthetically appealing :)

Julia Hinchman via Facebook
Julia Hinchman via Facebook


Parvin Ghanatabadi via Facebook

Very beautiful, creative thinking


My daughter ros crew at GSU and I would LOVE to make this for her room makeover! Where did you find your oars?

Barbara Crossley


Teri Flaherty Procyk

I want this!

Jodie Mathews

Oar inspiring haha

Denise Gosselin

Wow!….simple André vert Nice!…

Nicole Campbell Fletcher


Nathan McDonald

Paddle Oar else… =)

Felecia Berg
Felecia Berg

Oar you ready for bed dear?

Cotton's waves

precioo ese cabecerooooo!! lo quierooo

Karen Dutil

omg–love it!!!


thats oarsome #dadjoke ;)

Antje Rook

Ian Baird , something for you???? ?

Ted Wood Creations at woollongabba antiques centre

Looks great. It’s a shame oars aren’t the cheapest to buy ?

Ian Baird

Nor to make. If you can pick them up in boat jumbles that would be the only way to do it. Otherwise, as they are sweep oars and easier to make, handmade at £75 each, £1125 for your headboard /wall art. I’m more than willing to take commissions :-D

Nick Lawther

And you can always then say you go to bed with oars. Sorry.

Sandra Donnelly

Very cool!

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