Diy : Paint Dipped Vintage Picture Frames


The best thing about this tutorial is that it brings the most ugly picture frames back to life. So if you find olf frames in the next flea market, maybe you’ll give them a new life.

Complete tutorial here

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Becky Weerathunga


Jon Kelsey

my thoughts exactly!

Deanna Edgington

Why would anyone do that?

Jean Marc Lavoie

Definitely not for me.

Carole Rees

Not feeling this.

Ian Shepherd

Reminds me of the dial-up internet days, waiting for images to load :-D


Hmmm… Wouldn’t it have been better to just paint the frames?


Why ruin beautiful paintings? What is the point of this? This is vandalism not art!!!
As a creative person myself this angers me, no apreciation for the art or the artist. If you didn’t like those paintings you could have sold it or given it away. This is disgraceful.

Clarissa Araujo

Disgraceful!!! Ruining beautiful art to make something ugly. This is vandalism. No respect or appreciation for the art or artist. Breakes my heart and angers me. I would have loved to have the paintings before it got distroyed.

Kim Land


Truffe Bidul'art
Reply to  Kim Land

???? vient plutôt voir des trucs sympa sur bidul’art

Caroline Rosenbaum-Rolley

To each their own, I suppose, but this is not for me

Dambrine Marie-Laure

C’est n’importe quoi et c’est moche.

Erwann Car

Usually you have good ideas. This one is doesn’t make sense at all.

Bas Van Lammeren

How is this recycle art?

Audrey Holyoake

Why not just the frames?!!

Alison Walsh

Is this a joke…?

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