Pallet Floating Shelves

With pallet, you can make a floating shelving system in a matter of minutes. This one is done by Amanda Carver and it’s really simple. Just hang the pallet and you’re done !

Pallet Floating Shelves 1 • Recycled Furniture

Pallet Floating Shelves 2 • Recycled Furniture

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Upcycling via Facebook
Upcycling via Facebook

you can do thousand of things with pallets!

Miria Green-Morgenstern via Facebook
Miria Green-Morgenstern via Facebook


An carol
An carol

pretty good one …….

Steve Minatra via Facebook

I can do a thousand things with pallets and my girlfriend won’t like any of them.


If you wanted to go more cottage than industrial, you could paint this a gloss white, possibly adding trim also. I like the sides on the front, unusual and visually appealing…

bobby earl
bobby earl

What is the best way to hang such a heavy object on a wall?

Johanne-Ève Bergeron

C’est très beau ce que tu fais…. Mais comme j’habite dans une maison qui a 60 ans, c’est le genre de Deco que je ne peux pas me permettre! Ça ne rajeuni pas ma maison!

Nathan Olmstead

I’m looking to do something like this after we have our family pictures made.

Carine Boutelier Zak


Christophe Yvaïnçsse

Renaud c’est pour toi !

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