Repurposed Paper Tube Chair

The environment friendly paper tube chair by Manfred Kielnhofer. Enjoy the environment friendly paper chair that is made from your recycled newspapers. The cardboard chairs were made in 2002 and since them have been used in Artpark and for various events. The photos below are recent one. The paper chair has retained the same good condition since its production. The armchairs are made from used cardboard tubes. The tubes are made from recycled paper.

Repurposed Paper Tube Chair 1 • Recycled Cardboard
Repurposed Paper Tube Chair 2 • Recycled Cardboard
Repurposed Paper Tube Chair 3 • Recycled Cardboard


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krishna kant
krishna kant

wow it is nice chair , i want to use it…………………..

Brittany @ Green Global Travel
Brittany @ Green Global Travel

Who would have thought you can repurpose paper tubes into something as useful as a chair? They’re even pretty stylish! Thank you!

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