by Douwe De Keizer

Plastic Soup Art

My name is Douwe de Keizer from A(rt) B(y) SEA Design and I design and produce all sorts of driftwood products and art. Besides the fact that this is a beautiful hobby that bring me to the seashore a lot it also depresses me to see how much garbage lays around the beaches.

To gain awareness for this I made some items in which I also work with recycled plastic garbage. The main part is made from driftwood, but the sails are made from plastic found on the beaches. This plastic is cleaned, melted and reshaped into the sails. The wires attaching all parts are made from fishing nets also found on the beaches. These nets are also made from plastic by the way.

Hopefully this way people think a bit better about the garbage the leave at beaches. If we just all help a bit we can reduce the plastic soup pile which at this moment is only getting bigger.




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Christine Fraser

Tip your pic.

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