Keyboard Qwerty Walls

Keyboard Qwerty Walls 1 • Home Improvement

Keyboard Qwerty Walls 2 • Home Improvement

Artist Sarah Frost creates found object and found form sculpture. Her Qwerty Sculptures consist of thousands (and thousands) of keys from old qwerty keyboards. It’s a multifaceted ScrapHack, filled with any meaning you want it to be. Sarah’s Qwerty work travels the world, and a permanent installation can be found @ The James hotel in NYC.


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denise blanchard
denise blanchard

Is this work at The James hotel in NY city??

Wali Wa via Facebook
Wali Wa via Facebook

Mince j’ai jeté tous mes vieux claviers! lol !

Ger Rus
Ger Rus

Imagine everybutton is functional and you had to press certain ones to open a secret door lololol

Victor Imyf
Reply to  Ger Rus

I had the same idea O_O
You know what they say: brilliant minds think alike :D

Erika O'Dogherty

Saul Moreno, a ti que te gustan los teclados qwerty, vamos a hacer una qwerty wall con todos los que tienes ahí arrumbados jejejeje

Andrea Aerdna

MIRA Guillermo! todas las paredes que podriamos haber decorado!!

Sona Dubna

love this…

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