Reaper of Darkness: Newspaper Lamp

This lamp is one of my favorites and it brings out the faint colors of blue and pink so beautifully.

Materials used:

  • Newspaper,
  • Chart paper (white majorly, blue and pink)

This lamp was inspired by lamps on the internet. I decided to give it a little touch of my own creativity. This is completely eco-friendly. I used only paper to make these lamps. Newspaper and chart paper/assignment book covers were my saviors. You can make it using any color of chart paper and can make any other shape that you want.

Reaper of Darkness: Newspaper Lamp 1 • Recycling Paper & Books
Reaper of Darkness: Newspaper Lamp 3 • Recycling Paper & Books

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Danielle Piret

génial pour avoir le feu à la maison !

Reply to  Danielle Piret

Savez-vous qu’en 2017 il existe des ampoules à économie d’énergie ou des ampoules à LED qui ne chauffent pas et ne mettrons donc pas le feu à votre maison? L’époque des ampoules à filament classique est révolu, celles-ci sont même interdite par l’Union Européenne.

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