Recycle a Bed Skirt For A Canopy Bed Solution

After searching online for more then the typical sheers to drape on my canopy bed I came up with a solution. I wanted a more classy look and the valance idea was there but I don’t sew. Here is my no sew solution:

Went to Goodwill to find a bed skirt as a test idea. My bed being a queen size, I bought a queen size bed skirt. Scored one for 1.99. Laid it out on the floor and proceeded to cut out the white material that goes across the box springs. I left about 1/4 inch of fabric from the seam to the skirt. Velcro was my easy fix. I bought the double side variety. Strategically placed the tape on the frame and fastened the bed skirt. Bought 6 panel of sheers 84 in in length and Velcro-ed them in the corners to the valance.

This is an easy way to remove the valance and sheers for cleaning.

I’m a network marketer and I love creative marketing ideas and creative ways to re-purpose what I have. That challenge inspires me because I HATE shopping. Recycling is fun!

Michelle Masterson
“In Business To Help Others”
Orlando, Florida



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