by Tania Hetaraka

Recycled, Reused & Repurposed Paper and Cardboard

I’ve taken my passion for paper & recycling all sorts, to create this recycled Mixed Media Art/Junk journal or Smash book. I have combined a mixture of recycled thin cardboard & Manilla folder board together to create this thick chunky book, which is great for mix media art & alike. I have painted some of the pages in layers & left some in there raw form. The cover is made of thick cardboard with with a mosaic layered square & heart design front & back. This has been bound with jute rope & embellished with matching ribbons.
Great for use as any type of journal or Smash book your imagination is all that is needed. I create wall art decor using cardboard, old jewellery chains, earrings etc to create unique wall decor pieces. I use the same concept with my assemblage art as well.




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Matti Blythe

I use the brown paper from our 10kg potato bags for my art paper. Hate waste

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