Upcycled Bicycle PartsRecycled Bike Wheel Clock

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

The rim of one of my bike could not be used anymore so instead of putting it into the bin I decided to put it on the wall in my bedroom. It has been there for almost a year now, and we can say that it runs well but in a different way not as it did on the road. :)

As a wheel hub, I used a cap of a jam, and the spokes come out of it. A piece of chain is used as the numbers, and the arrows are made of plastic which I cut out myself.

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Recycled Bike Wheel Clock Upcycled Bicycle Parts

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Namhee Jan Lee


Claire Feilder

Janet Ransley – how cool is this!!! xx

Karthick Kn


Marina Kau


Jenny Dupetitchâteau

Aline, c’est pour toi :D <3

Donna Gerrity

Omg I love it!!! I want one!! Lol

Nina Kiryłowicz


Rodrigo Ocampo Ayub


Louise Gerrity

U could make one I bet it wouldn’t b that hard :) x

Donna Gerrity

I’ll get Jem on it she’s good at stuff like that xx



Marc Hauvuy

Yé cool !

Arun Mantri

The bike may have stopped rolling but still the Time rolls on !!!LOL!!!

Helen Little

I want one!

Elise Tellier Simonin

excellent, envie de me faire la même rapidement!

Dawn Shields

Stuart Haig how about this for the home? X

Marie-Hélène Sternis-lanteri

Génial !

Araceli Alloza Montiel

Que guapo!

Janis Lawlor O'Donnell

Tadd Armbruster and Todd Chopp, thought you’d like this

Hugo Aragonez


Todd Chopp

Nice idea! I like the numbers made from chain links

Barry Godfrey

Nick I reckon you could knock these up easy

Nick Payne

Funnily enough I used to make and sell clocks made from vinyl records and sell them at the market ….

Monica Harland

One for you Cathi :)

Cathi Dixon


Sebastiaan Schellingerhout


Tracy Eliza

Angela Wood …. how cool is this … i reckon you do make one easy as :D

Barbara Chopp

Love this idea.

Nanda Jansenoflorkeers

Pascal Dijkman, leuk idee!

Maeva Vs Meunik Lunik

Si t as une vieille roue de vélo ça m intéresse je me ferai bien une horloge comme ça Alex Terieur

Alex Terieur

Ouep j’en ai une qui traîne ;)

Alex Terieur

J’ai même une chaîne pour faire les chiffres

Mita Casanovas Isern

Fixed Lover

Liana Beal

John, don’t you have a rim or two? A cool idea.

Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez

Charlene Schwaneke you would love it ;)

Charlene Schwaneke

Yes I would! Hey I miss you!

Annalies van der Pol-Bouma

Yvonne Haringa, Oscar Koninx: leuk voor in de fietsenzaak.

Yvonne Haringa

Jaa! Hait Ruud Haringa kijk leuk voor in de winkel!

Jamie Lynn Rollheiser

Connie Michael…. instead of a vintage bike you could do something like this

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