Recycled Bike Wheel Clock

The rim of one of my bike could not be used anymore so instead of putting it into the bin I decided to put it on the wall in my bedroom. It has been there for almost a year now, and we can say that it runs well but in a different way not as it did on the road. :)

As a wheel hub, I used a cap of a jam, and the spokes come out of it. A piece of chain is used as the numbers, and the arrows are made of plastic which I cut out myself.





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Namhee Jan Lee


Claire Feilder

Janet Ransley – how cool is this!!! xx

Karthick Kn


Marina Kau


Jenny Dupetitchâteau

Aline, c’est pour toi :D <3

Donna Gerrity

Omg I love it!!! I want one!! Lol

Nina Kiryłowicz


Louise Gerrity

U could make one I bet it wouldn’t b that hard :) x

Donna Gerrity

I’ll get Jem on it she’s good at stuff like that xx


Marc Hauvuy

Yé cool !

Arun Mantri

The bike may have stopped rolling but still the Time rolls on !!!LOL!!!

Helen Little

I want one!

Elise Tellier Simonin

excellent, envie de me faire la même rapidement!

Dawn Shields

Stuart Haig how about this for the home? X

Araceli Alloza Montiel

Que guapo!

Janis Lawlor O'Donnell

Tadd Armbruster and Todd Chopp, thought you’d like this

Hugo Aragonez


Todd Chopp

Nice idea! I like the numbers made from chain links

Barry Godfrey

Nick I reckon you could knock these up easy

Nick Payne
Reply to  Barry Godfrey

Funnily enough I used to make and sell clocks made from vinyl records and sell them at the market ….

Monica Harland

One for you Cathi :)

Cathi Dixon
Reply to  Monica Harland


Tracy Eliza

Angela Wood …. how cool is this … i reckon you do make one easy as :D

Barbara Chopp

Love this idea.

Nanda Jansenoflorkeers

Pascal Dijkman, leuk idee!

Maeva Vs Meunik Lunik

Si t as une vieille roue de vélo ça m intéresse je me ferai bien une horloge comme ça Alex Terieur

Alex Terieur

Ouep j’en ai une qui traîne ;)

Alex Terieur

J’ai même une chaîne pour faire les chiffres

Mita Casanovas Isern

Fixed Lover

Liana Beal

John, don’t you have a rim or two? A cool idea.

Zhenya Gurina-Rodriguez

Charlene Schwaneke you would love it ;)

Charlene Schwaneke

Yes I would! Hey I miss you!

Annalies van der Pol-Bouma

Yvonne Haringa, Oscar Koninx: leuk voor in de fietsenzaak.

Yvonne Haringa

Jaa! Hait Ruud Haringa kijk leuk voor in de winkel!

Jamie Lynn Rollheiser

Connie Michael…. instead of a vintage bike you could do something like this

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