Recycled Hubcap Sunflower

Sunflower made from old dodge hubcap as center, petals are cut form old tin roof and mounted on a piece of painted plywood.


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Jo Kidman

Jeff Francis
You can have a garden!

Jeff Francis
Reply to  Jo Kidman

underway…! ;)

Reply to  Jeff Francis

If you make your own version, we’d LOVE to see it! -Heather the admin. assistant. :D

Elaine Steinhelper Brophy

Mike Willett…hmmm. This looks cooL…

Mike Willett

Very cool.

Susan Gray Seabury


Nancy Cassady

I love that as you can well imagine!

Mary Kay McMahon
Reply to  Nancy Cassady

I thought you’d like it!

Nancy Cassady
Reply to  Nancy Cassady

When I go walking, I always walk down the same street because two houses have tons of sunflowers in their yards! I really miss them now. :-(

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