by Cody Lane

Recycled Kid Art Bike

I am an artist/builder of things in Sacramento CA (USA). I enjoy picking out a material and working primarily with it for awhile and then onto another material. I have been working with recycled children’s art for the last 1.5 years in the form of 16″ x 24″ Paintings that I collect from a local children’s art studio. The “Recycled Kid Art Bike” is a 1962 26″ Hawthorne cruiser. The bicycle was fully disassembled and each part was prepared as if it would be receiving paint. At this point each part is meticulously covered with small pieces of art cut from a full size recycled children’s painting. After much fitting and sanding each part is then sprayed with 3 coats of automotive clear coat and the bicycle is reassembled. The end result is a very vibrant and high gloss piece of ride-able art. I have made lighting, wall panels, a dining room table and some hollow form sculptures from the children paintings. A wonderful material and a joy to work with. I will be switching material soon, next is recycled wedding dresses.



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