Recycled Owls

Love these owls made from recycled everyday objects(mainly kitchenware). A lot of creativity in this photo ! :)


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Samantha Nurbin Hedges

Cute! Jessica

Shiro Héloïse


Andrea Sipe


Angie O'Brien

Mylène robot owls!

Loutifiya Labbaci


Tracy Fischer

How cool!

Ecolau DECO

Pour égayer le jardin ou faire peur aux merles dans le cerisier! ^^

Yvonne Ellis Jones

Need hobby or business…love them!

Jessica Nurbin Brown

Very creative

Pam Parrington

Love these!!!!

Jazmin Adriana Bautista

Vero Because me acorde de ti :)

Corey Dixon

Ashley this just popped up in my newsfeed and it made you pop into my head.

Jennie Slagter

I like,i like, i like :)

Joanna Banks

So sweet – i love them!!!

Lisa Phillips

Love them Nikki Doyle!!!

Francine Blanc

Très chouette !!!

Tossed And Found Art

why is the first one so sad?

Louise Saxton Artist

Robyn Stephenson of Melbourne makes these!

Agata Mos


Shari Coats

So cool. Do you think you’ll make one sometime?

Zbigniew Zdeba

chouette(ma dwa znaczenia)- sowa lub fajne.

Meg Tipton Starstuff
Meg Tipton Starstuff

Sue Susan Watson Prewitt

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