by Denise Bernier

Pallets Patio Fence

It started with a discarded wood pallet I saw that begged to be used as a canvas. I had no idea what to do with it once I painted on it, but I brought it home anyway.

Then I saw this website with the Wood Pallet Garden, and I decided to collect a couple of pallets for that too. Soon an idea was born – get another two pallets and put them all together as a privacy pallet fence for our patio.

Yes, I was searching for cheap fence ideas.

So, I painted the center pallet, used two pallets to plant flowers and herbs in and placed two more in between with armrests across the top. We used recycled lumber from our son’s dismantled play fort (we saved it, knowing it would come in handy sometimes) – the uprights and armrests come from that.

Instead of digging holes and pouring concrete, we used metal stakes that hold 4×4’s and are pounded into the ground, 30 inches deep. Those stakes, some lights, and a few post caps are all we had to purchase. Two weekends of construction and planting at a leisurely pace produced a beautiful backdrop for our patio!



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colleen hogan
colleen hogan

I can’t wait for summer to use some of these idea’s. Thank you.

Concrete Patio Toronto
Concrete Patio Toronto

Great idea!!! We can make different patterns with the concrete according to our choice. I have seen many beautiful concrete driveways in houses.

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