Recycled Scrap Note Books

Children go through so many coloring books and paperback books, what to do with the books once they are worn, damaged and need to be retired? Use the inside of the book for decoupage projects, paper beads and collage work, and as for the cover this is the perfect idea…. I call them scrappy books, it’s the perfect thing to bring with you when you go to restaurants etc. to keep the kids entertained, all you need is a small bag of crayons or markers. They are small, recycled and you can make them easily and for very little money at home!



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Berenike Gais
Berenike Gais

This is a very wonderful and “oldschool” upcycling idea,
and by oldschool I mean:

Use what you already have lying around.
Use as much of it as you can.
Create something you really needed anyway.

Thank you for this post,

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