by Cuatro Pececitos

Recycling Driftwood And What The Waves Drag To The Beaches

What is driftwood?

One of the great pleasures of my weekend, whether the sun is shining or there is a thunderstorm coming, is taking mid-afternoon walks on the nearby beaches, where light shows its precious treasures washed ashore on the sand. Those are the days I like to collect driftwood.

Much more than just a broken piece of a tree or a boat, the driftwood is the result of nature’s violence. Its appearance, carved by time, the sand, and the waves, has a unique character. In Galicia (Spain), it is the man who must adapt to nature, and therefore to the wood that is collected from the beaches during those trips where one never knows what will be discovered.

Collecting driftwood means you are by the sea, under a tree, or in a boat at the same time. Recycling driftwood by adding some plastic degraded by the sun, crystal polished by the sand, and rusty metal tips caused by the passage and the sea salt.

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