The Recycling Story- How Paperboard Box Gets A New Life ?

Have you ever wondered about the recycling process of paperboard? How it gets new life? What is the exact process of paperboard recycling?

Well here the story begins:

1. Collection

Businesses or recycling centers collect used paperboard boxes at workplace, school and industry drop-off centers.

2. Sorting

Paperboard’s are sorted from the other paper products by hand or mechanically (Using specific methods). They are sorted according to material and the grade of fiber.

3. Processing

At the paper mil, sorted fiber is stored. Then fed into hydrapulper, mixed with water and converted into slurry which is used for paper-making process.

4. Converting

Slurry is then converted into multi-ply or multilayer paperboard.

5. Manufacturing

Paperboard’s are dried and rolls are formed to transport them and to make end products.

Go through this visual representation and get to know about the recycling journey of a paperboard.



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