Repurposed Wine Barrels Parquet

The Legno Di Vino (translated from Italian as “wine tree”) is a unique collection of parquet exclusively made of repurposed old oak barrels from wine cellars of the oldest and most famous winemakers in Tuscany (Antinori). Some parquets are made of wine barrels covers and contain the brand name and the date. To create the highest quality wines they use barrels of high quality oak wood (trees must be aged at least 100 years). An original way to recycle old wine barrels and the final result is pretty nice!


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This is perhaps the best and most clever way to repurpose wood, I have ever seen.

Marcio Antonio de Lima

Alini Chitto de Lima, vamos ter um cantinho assim tbm? Marcos Blank, prepara… ahahahahha

Michael Angelo Zanoni

this reminds me of a client that used select wood from pallets, to redo the flooring in a small ranch house…both totally beautiful repurposing!

Juraj Kral

wood floor- very very nice done (y)


“Il legno di vino” means “the wood wine”

Reply to  Joséphine

That sounds slightly disgusting :-) Perhaps the best translation to English is “the wood from wine”?

“Wood” and “tree” are some of the funny words in European languages. In Danish and Norwegian we only have one word to mean both; træ / tre. Which is where the English language got the word “tree”. But in French and German, they distinguish between the living tree (arbre / baum) and the product wood (bois / holz).

How is it in Italian?

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