by Mezzy Fleming

Retro Repurposed Bracelet

I like to create jewellery that is different and which doesn’t conform to traditional notions of beauty. I use retro discarded items and refashion them into layered interesting jewellery pieces. The pieces basically evolve and create themselves.
The journey begins with repurposed 1960’s children’s jigsaw puzzle. Similar colour tones placed together and pieces are sealed with a clear varnish. 1970’s furnishing fabric encouraged to fray and are turned into the backbone of the bracelet. Old necklace chains are then sewn onto the fabric. this bracelet is finished with a ribbon tie.


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Linda Kinnaman via Facebook
Linda Kinnaman via Facebook

I really like what you are doing here! Up-cycling in unique ways is so cool. Using something that is overlooked and brought back to a beautiful life is worthwhile.

Mary Fleming via Facebook
Mary Fleming via Facebook

Wow. Thanks for the positive feedback. I like taking items that are no longer wanted and turning them into something new.All these items are found at thrift stores or kindly donated by nature. If you want to see some other up-cycling jewellery ideas have a look at my blog which is . I also have a thrift store blog which is which is where I find my up-cycling treasures.

Lili Chaparas via Facebook

Wonderful gifts!

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