How To Reuse A Humble Rake Into Your Interior Design

I am sure that you will be surprised by how many different decorative solutions you can create spending no money and using a humble rake.

Entertaining decor ideas: A rake and a disc are sufficient to create a mini bar which can be placed in the living room, the dining room, or on the terrace of your home. Also, you can make a candle holder by sticking with a special glue or silicone bases for small candlesticks on a rake, to decorate along with flowers (optional) and place as the centerpiece in a rustic-country dinner creating aroma countryside.


Mini collection of alternative art: If you have at least three old rakes and have already created a mini collection, you can safely put them on the wall combined with art and frames!


Kitchen Organizer: Use a rake to organize ladles, spatulas, and kitchen tools or to hang the aprons and kitchen towels. And, if you use a wooden new rake, you can easily convert it into an original dresser.


Accessories organizer: A rake hanging on a door or wall easily organize your necklaces, belts or scarfs.


Garden Decoration or organizer: Attach onto a rake some corn and create an original feeder for birds. Clinching the basis of a rake on a wall or placing it even in a pot with soil can easily be used to store garden tools. Place a lamp behind a metal rake and create an original lamp! Alternatively, hang many leaf rakes together and place over the fruit e.g apples or oranges, which have removed some of their flesh and you can place tea lights, an ideal and economical idea for decorating an event-party in your garden.


And remember, recycling turns things into other things which is like magic! :) Do you want to add some touches of green to your home décor to fit with your recycled humble rake? Discover the urban jungle interior style!


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Caroline Rosenbaum-Rolley

Grabbed this when my dad tried to throw it away

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