by Stijn Gilles

Rewind Has a Webshop

Rewind Design from Antwerp finally opened a second shop. Not in Ghent or another cool city. But on the web. For all the people who like to avoid the beautiful city of Antwerp or just being too busy. Rewind is a shop full of ecodesign with the emphasis on re-use. Furniture, lighting, accessories (Freitag!), jewelry from very known designers and not known yet, but nonetheless very gifted designers.

Do you have a good idea about reuse? Show it to us. We try to sell it for you.

Rewind Has a Webshop 1 • Recycled Furniture
Rewind Has a Webshop 3 • Recycled Furniture
Rewind Has a Webshop 5 • Recycled Furniture


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