by Matthew Mahler

Skyebags Partners with Delta Air Lines to Support New Product Line

Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, Skyebags is a small fashion label constructing durable, American made bags and accessories. Skyebags has partnered with Delta Air Lines to repurpose their worn aircraft leather into small batches of limited edition goods. We create bags with a distinctive style that is as unique as you are. The leather shows the marks and scars of its’ former life as a seatback cover crisscrossing the globe.

Our first collection consists of the Kitty Hawk Tote, The Guthmiller Wallet, and the Raleigh Dopp Kit. Our line is inspired by the aviation heritage of our home State, North Carolina. The Guthmiller Wallet is in tribute to Matt Guthmiller who in July 2014 became the youngest pilot to ever circumnavigate the globe in a solo flight. Skyebags goods are for all those who seek out the bliss of flight and travel.

Purchasing one bag from Skyebags saves hundreds of gallons of water. By incorporating repurposed leather, Skyebags avoids much of the use of large volumes of water needed during the traditional tanning process. From locally purchased materials to recycled packaging, our operations emphasize sustainable practices to minimize impacts to our natural resources. We have donated ten percent of our profit to Delta’s chosen nonprofit organization, The Nature Conservancy and have offset thousands of pounds of carbon in their Carbon Offset Program.







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