by Sarah Kolish

Street Style Inspired Mens Shirt Dress: Upcycled Fashion

I made this Shirt Dress using a thrifted men’s dress shirt as a base for the project. I was very inspired by the summery street styles and wanted to try something new and make a unique piece.  This project took me approximately ten hours to complete.

Upcycle Men’s Dress Shirts into a Shirt Dress!

It took me about 10 hours to complete total. The hardest part of this project was fitting the shirt precisely the way I wanted. I wanted an A-line style dress. I hope this project inspires you to create your style – or wacky creation – yourself!

Turn a men's dress shirt into a Shirt Dress that reflects your street style.
City life is expensive. Save money and express your style with unique streetwear.
Turn a zipper on your shirt dress into decorative trim.
Zippers turn into decorative trim.


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