Metal Messenger Bag

By jjdo

This is a handmade messenger bag using logic, easily available materials and a touch of humor. Two black, Fishnet Legal Trays are used, stacking each in a face-to-face position using […]

Upcycled Soil Bag Into Gym Bag

By ecogreenlover

Repurpose a soil bag and turn it into a draw-string bag.

No-sew T-shirt Bag

By happiestcamperdiy

Make an adorable tote bag with No sewing needed.

Corrugated Cardboard Lamp Features Plastic Bag Lampshade

By mpo

This DIY tutorial will teach you how to create your own lamp made from ordinary materials that you have around your home.

Reusable Muslin Sacks: Perfect for Shopping or Fun!

By LingXioayu

Reusable muslin Sacks made from Misprinted muslin Baggies.

Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags

By Poubelle

A friend gave me several pairs of used Levi Strauss Jeans. I had fun upcycling Levi Strauss Jeans Into Bags! I recycled them by doing sewing work: 1 bag for […]

Handy Crafts Bag Made From Upcycled Sofa’s Cover

By Neokentin

I made these bags using sofa’s cover because l wanted to recycle it and take care of my planet. It took me hours to complete it.

Fare Delle Borse Con Un Pantalone Di Jeans / Bags Out Of Upcycled Old Jeans Pants

By Neokentin

To do bags from old jeans, you just need a sewing machine and some imagination to create all kinds of bags from your ancient and unused jeans.You can decide the […]

On Air Women Handbag from Repurposed Light Box

By UpcyclingBymilo

This cross body bag is using a real upcycled light box.

Bolsa De Cebollas Reciclada En Alfombra De Trapillo / Onions Bag Recycled Into Carpet

By Maria

An onions bag that can be transformed into a beautiful colored carpet for your bathroom or bedroom. Sew a border edge of the onions bag with bias tape. Cut pieces […]

Recycled Art By Prisoners In Africa

By Neokentin

Artwork by prisoners in Africa. Hats, bags and washing scrubs. I was given by the inmates.

Coffee Bean Sack Upcycled Into Beautiful Bag

By Neokentin

A shopping bag made from hessian coffee bean sacks and the bag handles upcycled from old bags I used the coffee sacks because I find them visually charming and saves […]

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