Corrugated Cardboard Lamp Features Plastic Bag Lampshade

With Earth Day fast approaching, I set out to create something useful and attractive out of ordinary waste. I crafted this lamp from nothing more than corrugated boxes and commonplace plastic shopping bags. A LED light kit illuminates this Cardboard Lamp and keeps the project cool, too!

Light up your Earth Day and add a modern upcycled Cardboard Lamp to your home decor!

This Cardboard Lamp makes a stunning visual statement, and the LED light kit stays cool!
With some leftover cardboard and a plastic bag, create an upcycled lamp as a statement piece for your office, bedroom and more!
This Cardboard Lamp project can be done by anyone!
This light is a project that anyone can make with a little time and glue. Create lamps for the whole house or your office space!
This Cardboard Lamp looks like modern art even when not lit!
This lamp project looks like modern art even when not lit!
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nice shots!!! I was having fun looking at it..perfect!

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