Vintage Beer Can Lamp With Pull Tab Lampshade

By Neokentin

Here is a lamp that I made using a vintage recycled Pabst Blue Ribbon beer can. The lamp shade is constructed using recycled beer can tabs linked together. I also […]

Wine Barrel Chair

By Neokentin

This beautiful chair was made from an old French wine barrel (but any old barrel will do) in about 30 minutes. It was very quick and simple to make, cost […]

Pine Cones Made of Beer Cans

By Neokentin

Thease pine cones is made of beer cans.Artist Sally Ducrow, from Cannes France, worked this summer in Finland taking part Oranki Art Workshop and exhibition in the forest on the […]

Beer Cans Into Furniture

By Matenak

I have completed a furniture made of beer cans. The chair has 261 in it (weight 4.8kg), and the table has 92. Collecting the material was quite fun, but I […]

Bike Fork Beer Bottle Opener

By Neokentin

Hand made bottle openers made from front fork drop-outs. ++ Available at Etsy EH84 !

Light Made of Beer Cans and Old Magazines

By Neokentin

See how it’s worth recycling! This lamp below was developed by Bruno Marsiglio of BMSdesign. It was made of empty beer cans and old magazine paper. We had to buy […]

Beer Can Light

By Neokentin

Made this light out of a 500 ml beer can, old pieces of ribbons and some glue. Use your favorite beer can and enjoy!

Marilyn Monroe Bottle Cap Portrait

By Neokentin

This mosaic portrait consists of over 1800 collected bottle caps and measures 48″ x 48″. The caps were collected from local bars, art stores and ebay. The caps are held […]

Beer Barrel Table

By Neokentin

Xan and Pablo redesign furniture and objects from things found in the garbage, always with a little sense of humor and fun.

2000 Beer Crates Pavillon

By Neodim

Students from the University of Applied Sciences in Detmold, Germany recently developed and built this extraordinary Boxel pavilion out of 2,000 beer crates. The pavilion is part of a course […]

1,000 Beer Bottles Christmas Tree

By Neodim

A giant Christmas tree was made with 1000 Heineken beer bottles. Seen in front of the Nanjing Road mall in Shanghai.

Beercaps Jewels

By Neokentin

Funny shop that makes cool jewels out of old toys and beercaps. Also vintage stuff :) ++ L’hirondelle de Montmartre !

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