Duff Lamp

By Neokentin

Easy to do this Duff lamp: a bottle of Duff, a lampshade, a Christmas garland to put inside (I bought it for 2€ !), color of the light: red of […]

6 Original Christmas Crafts

By Neodim

Christmas is coming soon, and you’ll find in this post some inspiration for easy DIY projects. Which one is your favorite? With this Tin can, everybody knows what it’s all […]

Soy Candles in Recycled Bottles

By Neokentin

Reclaimed glass beverage bottles have been repurposed as containers for soy wax candles. The combination of beverage brand, color and scent is limited only by your imagination.

Bike Fork Bottle Openers

By Neokentin

These bottle openers are made from repurposed bike parts. They are functional, elegant, and high quality. Each one is unique and represent the variety of durable materials that bikes are […]

Drinky Dress

By Neokentin

Dress made by me from shade cloth and ring pulls from soda cans. Necklace made from ring pulls and beer bottle caps.

Beer Caps Lamp / Lampara Tapas

By Neokentin

Lamp made with recycled with beer caps. Lampara con tapas de cerveza.

Beer Crates Stool

By Neodim

Beer crate + inner tubes = seat ! ++ Here on Marcus Blog

Luke Skywalker Spaceship and Aircrafts Made from Beer Cans

By Neokentin

Cans was first used to make simple aircrafts. The “Star Wars – Luke Skywalker’s spaceship” was done following a challenge. :) Sörösdobozokból készitettem elöször repülőgépeket. A star wars–ból luke skywalker […]

Beer and Wine Bottles Transformed into Glassware

By Neokentin

Australian Product designer Glenn Goodison handcrafts drinking glasses, vases, and planters from used beer and wine bottles in Berlin, Germany. At the helm of his small, upcycling business Half-Glassed, Goodison […]

Beer Bottle Ring Necklace

By deanavail

Made from the top lip of several beer bottles, this necklace is very much a statement piece of jewelry.

Repurposed Can Beer Holder

By Neodim

Funny way to upcycled old cans into beer holders :)

Bottle Neck Candle Holders

By Neokentin

Bottle neck candle holders. Different shapes and sizes, depending of what kind of bottle it is: beer bottle, wine bottles etc.

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