17 Ideas Of How to Reuse Plastic Straws Artistically

By Neokentin

What can we do with plastic straws after use? For example, fast food chains give out more than 50 million meals per year that contribute significantly to a landfill full […]

33 Creative Ways of Recycling Old Ties That Will Inspire You

By Neokentin

Last weekend I had ties on my mind with the creation of a recycled tie dress for my Divine Little Miss M. So, I thought it would be fun to […]

18 Diy Projects for Globe-al Recycling

By Neokentin

Do you believe in globe-al recycling? Head on down to your local thrift store and use one of these 18 inspiring ideas to recycle or upcycle your own little piece […]

22 Inspiring Recycled Cork Creations

By Neokentin

It’s been a long work week. The chill of Autumn hides in the seasonal darkness that lingers outside your windows. You collapse into the corner of your sofa, feet tucked […]

25 Unusual Projects To Make Out Of Repurposed Tin Cans

By Neokentin

Tinplate Girl is a website which teaches people how to repurpose old tin cans into a lot of fun, unusual projects using basic tools. The site shows how to use […]

6 Ways to Reuse Buttons

By Ripe Green Ideas

Apartment Therapy suggested 6 ways to reuse buttons…amongst which sticking them on magnets…simple and smart. ++ Here for the 6 ways

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