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Upcycled Can Tabs Into Jewelry

By Neokentin

Awesome eco-chic environmental jewelry all made using a post-consumer soda can tabs. An excellent way to show the world how important recycling is to you while wearing an unusual conversation […]

Obama Portrait Made Out Of 1600 Upcycled Bottle Caps

By Neodim

In Coke We Trust. US President, Barack Obama portrait, made of 1600 recycled bottle caps. 4 feet tall. Artist: Ossy Pri-Hadash, Tel-Aviv, Israel. ++ReCycle By Ossy

Cans Caps Jewel

By Neokentin

An environmental project in Costa Rica involving making eco-jewelry from recycled materials, for these examples, the aluminum beverage can pull-tabs and frayed strips of recovered cloth remnants. These are made […]

Garden Armchair Made From Recycled Bottle Caps

By Al Ha veDa

This armchair is made of recycled plastic bottle caps that have been shredded (70% of the finished product) and mixed with neutral PE (30%). Qui est Paul? Has chosen this […]

Furniture Made with Caps

By Isa Digue

Chairs, table and garbage can made with caps.

Beercaps Jewels

By Neokentin

Funny shop that makes cool jewels out of old toys and beercaps. Also vintage stuff :) ++ L’hirondelle de Montmartre !

Bottle Cap Fishing Lure

By Neodim

++ Sold here

Trashy Lingerie

By Neokentin

Original lingerie – comfortable? – made with all kinds of items: Woven Coke Cans, Gutter Guard, Soda Tabs, Rivets, Washers, Washing Machine Hose Clamps… ++ Trashy Lingerie by Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch

Caps Jewelry

By Neokentin

Yoav Kotik is behind these very nice jewelry made with re-used beer and beverages caps ! Very nice and well finished jewels, simply fabulous, i love it ! ++ KOTIK […]

Re-used Caps Whistle

By Neodim

These working whistle are made from old caps, they makes a trilling sound when given a puff of air and come with a 26″ ball chain. ++ Loranscruggs at Etsy

Light with Plastic Bottle Caps

By Neodim

CAPtivate is an ambient light made from plastic bottle tops and caps. Different bottle caps can be collected to change the light’s colour and pattern ! ++ Design by Lucy […]

Caps Board by Rick Ladd

By Neodim

Rick Ladd upcycles bottle caps into some pretty amazing things, including furniture!

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