Diy: Recycled Coffee Capsules Earrings

To realize these earrings you will take two coffee capsules and a set of earphones, that doesn’t work. After you have carefully cleaned coffee capsules, you have to cut them and then follow the tutorial that you can find on Craft And Fun to make the little roses. Open the headset and drill a hole in the edge of the cap. Put a small nail and make a loop where you will pass the same earring hook. Glue the rose on the cap and the game is done.



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Donatella Miraglia via Facebook
Donatella Miraglia via Facebook

wow che belli!

Gabrielle Angel Dee Lilly via Facebook

What the heck is a coffee capsule???

Richard Green via Facebook
Richard Green via Facebook

I have managed to avoid it so far!!

Heraa Farooq via Facebook
Heraa Farooq via Facebook


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