Upcycled Jewelry Hanger

By ecogreenlover

Repurpose sticks (or in my case, used firework sticks), wine corks and bottle caps to make a rustic-look bracelet and necklace hanger.


By Neokentin

In a world where too much seems to go to waste too fast, I have the urgency to move against the torrent and try to redress the balance. Yet more […]

New Life for My Garden Coffee Table

By Rick

An old garden coffee table with a broken surface is given new life with a new surface made from upcycled plastic bottle caps.

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Cap Mosaics

By Rick

Mosaic steps and other art created from recycled plastic bottle caps.

Toast These Stunning Collage Art Bottle Cap Earrings

By GiuliArtEco

What do you do when your bottle is empty? Have a second and turn those bottle caps into beautiful collage-art Bottle Cap Earrings! Raise your bottles to these inspirational Collage-Art […]

10 Easy Upcycled Christmas Decor Ideas You Can Make!

By HeatherStiletto

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we all love to shower our loved ones with beautiful gifts. Additionally, the anticipation as we decorate our homes with gorgeous Christmas Decor is part of […]

Trash Becomes Super-cute Recycled Plastic Turtles!

By Neokentin

We make products and jewelry like these Recycled Plastic Turtles entirely from plastic waste.  Our latest creation is this cute little sea turtle. It represents one of the sea creatures most […]

Diy Video Tutorial: Beer Cap Table Saw Push Stick

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

A safety push stick made with reclaimed wood and bottle caps.

Two Ways To Make Bracelet Buckles From Bottle Pull Caps

By Waldemar Sha

Two ways to make bracelet buckles from bottle pull caps.

David Bowie Mosaic From Bottle Caps

By Neokentin

This is my bottle cap tribute to the greatest man who ever walked the earth. If you look closely you’ll notice some bottle caps have been signed. Among them are, all of the members of Living Color, Jennifer Batten, guitarist, David Lombardo of Slayer, and some of the enthusiastic cap contributors. This project was a hell of a journey and I’m excited to start my next!

Bottle Caps & Champagne Corks Into Necklace

By Waldemar Sha

Just a little project with bottle caps and champagne corks.

The Bottlecap Experiment #1

By Waldemar Sha

Had an idea on how to reuse plastic bottle caps and rings. This is my first experiments on this.

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