Colored Wall Vase

By Ronja Lotte

I would like to present a project for a DIY competition to you that I finished today. The task was to produce anything creative with the material glass, such as […]

Lamps Made Out Of Upcycled Campari Bottles

By Manlio

Creative lamps made out of upcycled Campari glass bottles.

Napkin Ring From Nursing Bottle Parts

By kivit

Here is an idea for re-using parts of a nursing bottle to create a beautiful napkin ring for your table.

Diy: Bottle Terrarium

By Neodim

We’ve all seen photos of a beautiful terrarium with its own miniature ecosystem in a bottle — I decided to try making my own. This quick and simple DIY project […]

Bottle Vase Holder

By Ronja Lotte

I built myself a new vase and as materials I used my personal classics: waste glass and pallet wood. You can get the whole tutorial at my blog.

Recycled Glass Window Art

By Neokentin

A Recycled Glass Window Art from a recycled old window, vintage plates, recycled bottle bottoms, and recycled glass pieces.

Enlightened Bottle

By Ronja Lotte

I love to upcycle old bottles and this one is my favorite project!

Bottle Eggcups

By Ronja Lotte

Though I wander everywhere through all DIY-areas, I always come back to my beloved bottle-creations. This new eggcup requires that you practice to cut bottles, but this should not be […]

Diy: Make an Original Gift Box from Recycled Bottle

By Craft and Fun

With a plastic bottle you can make gift boxes and Christmas decorations, a detailed photo tutorial explains step by step how to do it

Soy Candles in Recycled Bottles

By Neokentin

Reclaimed glass beverage bottles have been repurposed as containers for soy wax candles. The combination of beverage brand, color and scent is limited only by your imagination.

Diy: Recycled Bottles for Wedding Decorations

By Neokentin

My friends asked me to create some inexpensive and simple, but also cute decorations for their wedding. Therefore became the main character: used bottles. But, redecorated old cups, jars, were […]

Bluebottles in Bottles

By Neokentin

Like throwing a bottle into the sea. It’s an S.O.S! We are finding out that it’s not the best way to save anybody! Bluebottles in bottles. Commun Bluebottles (Ceruleum Petroleum) […]

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