The Wine Bottle Solar Powered Chianti Star Cruiser

By Randy Morris

As part of the solar-powered wine bottle armada, I love sharing my passion for all things solar, sustainable, earth-friendly, artistic, and creative. My work is a reflection of what I […]

Upcycled No-kill Trophy Head Has Mechanical Bird Friend

By Neokentin

Have a unique hunting trophy without killing while upgrading your bicycle. Change out the old seat for a new one and upcycle the old seat into a one-of-a-kind piece of […]

Upcycled Bottle Brooches/Corsages

By FancyTat

Beautiful Bottle Brooches – Creatively handmade using plastic bottles, beads, buttons, baubles and felt.

Decorative Glass Bottle

By prakashdutt

Recycled art is a fun challenge. Recycling old junk not only benefits the environment, but it also breathes new life into old objects that were once destined for the landfill. […]

Fairy Bottle Lamps

By Burçin Uçak

These up-cycled lamps are made with recycled bottles & jars and old table legs with a different variation of height and shape. My lighting choice was fairy led lights to […]

Repurposed Sauce Bottle DIY

By Fancymomma

This glass sauce bottle will be worthy to be put on your mantle or on top of your chest of drawers or in your living room area in just a few steps.

How To Make Flask From Your Favourite But Old Jeans And A Glass Bottle

By Waldemar Sha

How To Make Flask From Your Favourite But old Jeans and a Glass Bottle.

Cutting Strips From Tetra Packs Using Home Made Plastic Bottle Strip Cutter

By Waldemar Sha

Cutting strips from tetra packs using plastic bottle stripe cutter.

Repairing Tool Handles With Recycled Plastic Bottles String

By Waldemar Sha

Repairing tool handles with plastic bottles string.

Flasks From Glass Bottles, Old Jeans And Yarn Scraps

By Waldemar Sha

Utilizing old stuff to meke nice flasks.

Bottle Caps & Champagne Corks Into Necklace

By Waldemar Sha

Just a little project with bottle caps and champagne corks.

Diy Tutorial: Amazing Darth Vader Fire Pit / Log Burner

By Neokentin

Several days ago, we shared the video below of this fantastic Darth Vader fire pit or log burner, and it went viral. We received a lot of comments and questions […]

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