Side Tables Made From Reused Bottles And Wood By Tati Guimarães

Tati Guimarães is a Brazilian designer living in Barcelona from where she manages her design studio Ciclus. Founded in 2001, Ciclus expresses emotion through design and ideas are transformed with sensitivity into unique projects. Finding a creative use of bottles and pieces of wood she made fantastic side tables, that are flexible, and that can be use also on a top of a boufé during an event like family dinners or even weddings. See more of her products and designs.






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Rebecca Parzynski

Lindsay Dentico these are AWESOME

Barbara Anne Nagy

not for me..

Anna Hamilton

Alyson Hunter right up your street ?

Alyson Hunter
Reply to  Anna Hamilton

Reckon could just glue the bottles in so it didn’t all fall apart?

Pat Jett
Pat Jett

I made some of these about 6 yrs ago using particle board and paint. I needed a chair-side patio table for drinks. These look great.

Lori Nichols

MaryKay Strohm John LarsonRose Marie Harrington better then a tree! ?

Sophie Bourdages

Cathy Després j’ai trouvé ton cadeau de fête ??

Hope Arnold

Peasie Lilly .. .. you could make a “RED” table ;-)

Colombe Gallot Gerbaud

Une idée pour chez toi Alexandre

Alexandre Favin

Je ne sais pas où je vais trouver les planches.?

Colombe Gallot Gerbaud

je trouve ça trop classe ! Une desserte pour ton jardin

Luiz Alano

Alana Damian Passe a ideia pro seu tio Erion.

Trisha Spry

Someone make me one of these …. ?

Rose Marie Harrington

I think they’re cute.

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