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Inna Nuts Bowl from a Plastic Bottle

By Neokentin

A bowl that is made from the bottom part of any kind of plastic bottle

Old Chairs Into Dog Feeding Station

By Neodim

++ Here

Appetizer Set From Recycled Vinyls

By Neokentin

Recovery which has two advantages: to provide coasters (and a chips bowl …) and be rid of music tracks we don’t like anymore !

Crochet Doily Bowls

By Neokentin

Who would have thought there could be so many uses for the humble doily? These bowls, using vintage crochet doilies, are made with an age old technique. I was inspired […]

Upcycled Pants Bowl

By Neokentin

We normally knit and crochet using a thread of yarn but what if we add some reducing to our creativity? Sounds strange? We can then make our thread without any […]

Bowl Made Out Of Upcycled Wooden Curtain Rings

By Neokentin

I made this bowl using old and unused wooden curtain rings!

License Plates Upcycled Into Bowls

By Neodim

Old licence plates upcycled into fruit bowls!

Origami Bowls

By Al Ha veDa

Ruti Ben Dror is a talented occupational therapy student. Her origami paper bowls are made from post-consumer paper. She learned this craft from a family member’s Filipino caretaker a few […]

Functional Pet Bottle Art

By Al Ha veDa

Anette Kithier is a German designer whose philosophy is: Not to create a story around a project, but to create a project out of a story.

Veggie Bowls

By Al Ha veDa

Margaret Dorfman makes vegetable bowls. That is, bowls from vegetables, not for vegetables. She cures and ages them, then uses a form to make bowls. Quite spectacular. ++ Margaret Dorfman […]

Vinyl Bowl

By Neodim

Don’t throw away your old reccords…. Belinda will bake them for you!! ++ More ideas at Le blog de Luzine !

More Paper Designs

By Al Ha veDa

Desy Mei-Dan has been in the art world for many years. For the last decade, Desy has focused her attention on integrating art into recycling, especially with paper.

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