Old Chairs Into Dog Feeding Station

Old Chairs Into Dog Feeding Station 1 • Do-It-Yourself Ideas

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What a great idea for bigger dogs!

Matt Estin via Facebook
Matt Estin via Facebook

Ya, let’s teach our dogs to eat off of chairs… haha

Gloria Chavez Rodriguez via Facebook

estan muy elegantes!

Sandra Riggs-Schnakenbourg via Facebook
Sandra Riggs-Schnakenbourg via Facebook

This is an excellent idea for larger dogs who really DO need to eat with their food elevated for health reasons (e.g. after a larynx operation). Eating this way is supposed to be better for them anyway, operation or not…

Erica Lee Romeo via Facebook

Bloat kills big dogs–and keeping their food at a reasonable height can be hard to do. These chairs are crazy clever as well as good recycling technique!


Now if only I could convince my husband to throw out the sorry excuse of a feeder he made for our Dane a couple of years ago…

Latif Martinsson

Top dog = chairman!

Signe Jauslin Stangeland

Ingenting for vår hund. Tussi er dachs og har kommodeben.?

Justin Fraser

Rianne Rowe

Rebekka Finger

Sandy Müller hast du nicht eine Idee gesucht

Capucine Crn-Crpl

Hélène Coeuillet

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