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Upcycled Hubcaps into Animal Sculptures

By Neokentin

British artist Ptolemy Elrington Recycles Old Hubcaps Into Beautiful Animal Sculptures. Ptolemy collects thousands of old abandoned hubcaps from all across Britain to make these beautiful creatures. All the hubcaps […]

Vintage Truck Parts Transformed Into Benches

By Neokentin

These benches have been created from the remains of vintage truck parts (Ford, Chevrolet…), reclaimed wood, some heavy duty old chains and other discarded industrial waste by Recycled Salvage. We […]

Upcycled 1965 Ford Mustang into Pool Table

By Neokentin

This pool table is molded from an old 1965 Ford Mustang. This table is manufactured in Largo, Fla. by CarPoolTables.com and officially licensed by Ford Motor Company. At 119 inches […]

The Real Transformer: Made from an Old Car

By Neokentin

We found a “Transformer” made from upcycled parts of an old car. This robot sculpture weighs 200lb is 6’6″ tall and named “The Transformer”. It is made by Netherlands based […]

Car Hoods Repurposed Into Sculpture

By Neokentin

Car hoods repurposed into sculpture in Petaluma, CA.

From Vintage Tailgates to Benches

By Neodim

Beautiful vintage creations from “Yesterday Reclaimed”. Perfect new life for old tailgates and easy furniture for outdoor living ! ++ Yesterday Reclaimed

Renault Juva 4 Mirror

By Neokentin

Made out of an old Renault Juva 4. I found the wreck car body which had been rusting in a forest for at least 40 years.

Recyc-led/Lightbulb Lamps

By Neokentin

The three lamps give new life to wastes such as car bumpers, car lights, disks brake and vegetables’ refuse sheets.

Ambulance Playground in Malawi

By Neodim

Dutch designers Luc van Hoeckel and Pim van Baarsen transformed a parking space into a playground for disabled Children in Malawi. In cooperation with Sakaramenta, a social business in Malawi, […]

Giant Steampunk Dragon Made From Recycled Car Parts

By Neokentin

Like all other Kreatworks’ creations, this giant steampunk dragon is also made from recycled metal and uselessly lying automobile and machine parts. Metal can rust pretty quickly, so to save […]

Automotive Parts Into Furniture

By Neokentin

My work is greatly influenced by my background in mechanical engineering. I enjoy giving a “front seat” to the more minor aspects of these automobile parts, making sure every ounce […]

Car Lights Can Do More Than Just Light Up The Road

By Neokentin

After frequenting many shops for a bedside lamp, I had become exhausted. Retail shopping can be a simple experience when there is no easy way to find what you like, […]

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