The S&p Winchester Clock

By dpcreativespace

This “S&P Winchester Clock” is a tribute to my friend Larry, and his love of guns. I wanted to show him how much I value learning about the history of […]

Handmade Minion Figurines

By MetalMinionPL

A sculpture made of metal from secondary materials. Figurine Minionka, character from the movie MINES FALLING, GRU, DRU and MINIONS, LIKE THE MOON, DESPICABLE ME. Hand-made, hand-painted, welded and cut.

The Jalopy: Vintage Car Art Sculpture

By Neokentin

This piece is a vintage car art sculpture by Ferdinand Metz. The sculpture is made from found objects like a vintage gas can, a cigar box, stroller wheels and more. […]

Most Original & Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Cars

By Neokentin

While the USA alone throws away 240 million tires every year, over one million cars are scrapped in the UK yearly. Given these statistics, just think about how repurposing old […]

Recycled Engine Parts Into Desk Lamp

By Max

This desk lamp was made from used engine parts and an old broken lamp.

License Plate Coat Rack

By Ronja Lotte

This DIY idea is easy and fast: a license plate coat rack. Especially suitable as a gift for a man and car enthusiasts.

Clutch Plate Into Clock

By Metal-Unicorn

Wall clock made from a recycled clutch plate.

1968 Citroen Hy Van Transformed Into Guest Bedroom Cabin

By Neokentin

The Citroen HY Van is one the symbol of France since 1968, it’s a mythic van that you can still cross on the little roads of France, thanks to its […]

Xc De Vitesse / Recycled Car Parts Robot

By L'atelier d'Orel

I used old objects recovered to create this robot speed controller. This is a unique piece. I like the reworking of old objects and bring them new life.

10 of the Most Originals Bbq for Upcycled Car Lovers

By Neokentin

Summer is coming, and maybe you are in the process of searching for a new BBQ to enjoy the long evening with your friends and family. If you are a […]

Mechanical Art

By Gianluca Ferrerini

Gianluca Ferrerini born in 1960 lives and works in San Remo. Artist’s delayed! Comes from the world of motorcycle racing, began to devote himself to the mechanics with artistic talent […]

Upcycled Garden Ideas: Scrap Metal Truck Tailgate Into Bench

By Neokentin

Upcycled old truck tailgate into garden bench.

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