Pretty Mixed-media Upcycled Jewelry Pieces

By fizz

I made these Upcycled Jewelry Pieces using various materials, including shells, CDs, Ox bone, vinyl records, and more! Design out of the box with these Upcycled Jewelry Pieces as inspiration! Find […]

Visual Soundz Design Wearable Compact Disc Jewelry

By Neokentin

Now that we’re going digital, what should you do with those old CDs? Make Wearable Compact Disc Jewelry! This jewelry is more than just a fashion statement. It is gorgeous, […]

Set Your Records With Muroko Wall Art: Recycle Your Old Cd Cases

By Muroko

Even though CD cases are hardly used anymore, we can still benefit from its physical qualities: flat, clear and strong. Use Muroko wall to create your personal artwork from your CD jewel cases.

Lamp From Recycled Cd’s

By Neokentin

Recycled lamp with pieces of CD painted and put in the oven.

Easy Ideas to Reuse Old Cd’s


We all have somewhere, forgotten in a drawer or cupboard, old and scratched cd’s which we fly every time we organize our music collection or collection of movies. Today I […]

Upcycled Cd I Love Lucy Clock

By StarvedRaccoon

I used an old scratched CD, a discarded plastic lid from an “I Love Lucy” series box and a clock kit to make this timepiece. I wanted to create a […]

Horse Sculpture Decoration Made With Old Cds & Dvds

By Neokentin

I was asked to decorate a horse sculpture. I decided to create a seahorse with acrylic paint and old CDs and DVDs.

Mirrors Made Out Of Recycled Cd And Rolled Paper

By Helena Andreasson

100 % recycling. The material is newspapers, cd’s, cardboard and a broken mirror cut into pieces.

Ideias Simples Para Reciclar Cds Velhos

By deivisesp

Você acumula uma pilha de CDs e DVDs velhos e não sabe o que fazer com eles? Confira nossas dicas e transforme-os em coisas úteis!

Arte Com Reciclagem De Cds De Sean Avery

By deivisesp

Australian Artist Sean Avery is a sculptor with an international recognition, best known for his sculptures of animals made from upcycled CDs and junk. Photos of his work have appeared […]

Lampshades From Old Cd’s

By Neokentin

Dodecahedron CD light (Barcelona 1997) by Bernat Capellades Exhibited at La Braderie du l’Art, Lille 1998 & International Festival of Recycling Art of Catalonia Drap Art, Barcelona 2005

Fancy Pansies with Upcycled Cd’s

By Neokentin

These beautiful flowers are handmade from up cycled CD’s. Stunningly colourful and reflective in the sunlight. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. A wonderfully unusual gift that will never […]

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