Turn Chopsticks Into Little Boxes

By Maya Rodriguez

Turn Chopsticks Into Little Boxes? Why not? I made this little box from chopsticks because the curves and length of the chopsticks all seem to go so well together. In the […]

Upcycled Chopstick Into Necklace

By Parafernalia Blog

This amazing necklace is made with chopsticks and the tutorial it’s very easy. A perfect way to recycled all the wood chopsticks that come with your takeaway food. Don’t throw […]

Upcycled Chopsticks Canoe

By Neokentin

Japanese artist Shuhei Ogawara, a retired city hall employee in the Fukushima Prefecture, has spent two years gluing 7382 used chopsticks into a 66 pound, 13′-4″ canoe, and coated it […]

Wooden Chopstick Tweezers

By Neokentin

For gold plating you need wooden tweezers. So, I took a pair of chopsticks (and chops of another pair for the space between) and glued them together. A little carving […]

Chopstick Lamp

By Neokentin

Lamp made out of re-used chopsticks and rice paper. ++ Made by Stephanie Dubernard (contactme ‘at’ stephaniedubernard ‘dot’ com)

Chopsticks + Steamer Stool

By Neodim

While it might look utilitarian at first glance, this hybrid upcycled object is more crafty and comfortable that it initially appears. The stacked steamer trays are light-weight but also critically […]

Recycled Chopstick Accessories

By Neokentin

Bryan Parks realizes functional and sculptural accessories and lights pieces handmade from recycled, sanitized bamboo chopsticks. ++ Kwytza Kraft by Bryan Parks

Ideas from Atelier V

By Neodim

Brilliant recycling or reusing ideas from Swiss “crew” Atelier V

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