Chopsticks + Steamer Stool

Chopsticks + Steamer Stool 1 • Recycled Furniture
Chopsticks + Steamer Stool 2 • Recycled Furniture
Chopsticks + Steamer Stool 3 • Recycled Furniture

While it might look utilitarian at first glance, this hybrid upcycled object is more crafty and comfortable that it initially appears. The stacked steamer trays are light-weight but also critically hollow so that a flexible foam insert can be added in the middle. This padding combined with the free-to-move chopsticks sitting on top make it so that the stool has give when sat upon – how many brand new stools can boast such clever funtionality, let alone recycled ones?

++ Jason Dembski

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Where in the world would someone come across so many used chopsticks and those large steamers? This is very cool — but sometimes I really question the true ‘recycled’ nature of some of these projects.

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