Turn Chopsticks Into Little Boxes

Turn Chopsticks Into Little Boxes? Why not? I made this little box from chopsticks because the curves and length of the chopsticks all seem to go so well together. In the end, the box was sturdier than I expected. It can actually be used to hold some light item.

Chopsticks Into Little Boxes – A fun craft idea with the kids too!

If you order take-out food a lot or buy chopsticks in bulk, have some fun and turn them into little boxes. Hot glue or craft glue will have you assembling a little box in minutes. Then decorate it with ribbons, paint, stain, or anything else you choose. Be sure to supervise the young ones with glue products. :)

Chopsticks Into Little Boxes

If you keep building the box even deeper, you could make a Chopstick Lamp!


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