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Paperbag Made from Recycled Magazines

By Helena Andreasson

If you want to be creative, and you want it to be easy to make- this is perfect. It’s also made of recycled material like newspaper and magazine (except the […]

Heart Decoration From Scrap Metal Collage

By Neokentin

Oregon based recycled metal artist and art quilter Kathi from the blog Kathi’s Garden Art Rust-n-Stuff has made these wonderful hearts from recycled metal by using collage technique. Love the old, […]

Recycled Game Art

By Star Art

Collage on recycled Game Boards.

Mandala Wall Decoration

By Helena Andreasson

Mandalas made out of recycled magazine paper.

Birds on My Mind

By Silvia Alberdi

Recycled paper and illustration.

Collage & Illustrations by Silvia Alberdi

By Silvia Alberdi

Collage & illustration from recycled magazine and papers by Silvia Alberdi.

Use Those Old Paintings to Make Your Own Collage Painting

By SophiaMann

Have you ever passed by your neighborhood Salvation Army store and seen an old painting? More times than you can remember, right? Strange faces or familiar landscapes staring at you […]

Ode to Recycling

By Neokentin

Simple assemblages made from bits of plastic and vintage frames.

Recycled Pvc Sheets Collages

By Neokentin

Collages made with recycled PVC sheets.

Three-dimensional Recycled Collages

By Neokentin

Recycled printed-paper and cardboard are used as a raw material to create complex collages with a three-dimensional effect. The paper is manipulated and transformed, selected according to thickness, color, text, […]

Landscapes Created with Discarded Envelopes

By Neokentin

Brooklyn-based artists Sarah Nicole Phillips creates collages with discarded, patterned office envelopes collected from her own life and the lives of her friends and family. She began working with the […]

The Colours They Leave Behind

By Neokentin

Smal abstract re-using plastic bags and other ‘waste’ materials. For more works using ‘waste’ materials check out day4art.nl

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