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Create an Animal with Paper Waste and Share Your Artwork!

By Neokentin

Here are the steps : Draw an animal (or download it in “templates” photo album) Trace it on paper waste, cut and glue Share your artwork!  

Reading Chair

By Neokentin

Reclaimed chair given a new lease of life with one my favourite books “The Long Fight” which I found thrown away in a skip. Upcycling at its best!

Upcycled Postcard Chairs

By Neokentin

Collaging with vintage postcard. Soak postcards in hot water for 6 to 12 hours. Peel of back then collage and varnish. Nb: Does not work with plastic coated cards.

Upcycled Chair

By Neokentin

Reclaimed chair given a new lease of life re-invented with waste materials (old magazine) and unwanted paint.

Handmade Collage

By Neokentin

Joining different image develop imagination, creativity, it’s like therapy. Subconscious speaks tht way!

Recycled Table

By Neokentin

For an apartment in London, I change the look of the furniture in the dining room: a wooden table, four stools, and two chairs. In the table, I used old […]

Collage Assemblages with Found Objects

By Neokentin

Found objects, stamps, shells, computer parts, vintage photographs, buttons and paint by number painting are all raw tools for storytelling. “Each work reflects partly told tales, a momemt in time […]

Killed by the Sound Piano

By Neokentin

The artwork “PIANO” is part of “Killed by the sound” project realised last year, in 2012 by Daniel Loagăr – visual artist at Wood be Nice. Object collage with: cello […]

Mapping Muswell An N10 Paper Project

By Neokentin

This is a creative mapping project produced for the N10 area. Using paper (that would normally have been recycled) the artist created a 3 dimensional relief showing 3 different maps […]

Foil Art

By Neokentin

Art pieces made up of aluminum foil and other recyclable materials such as beer caps and reclaimed wood. The foil pieces were salvaged from another artist that used them as […]

Recycled Collage Superheroes

By Neokentin

I’d like to submit my art. The finished portraits are like nothing that you’ve seen before anywhere. An image of The Thing constructed of boxes from mac & cheese, crackers […]

The Yellow Wallpaper

By Neokentin

A scene from a book, built inside of a book :)

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