Moon Dancer Recycled Packaging Collage

By Chinaberries_Studio

Moon dancer is a fanciful figure dancing in the sky before a blood moon with giant ginkgo leaf fans.

Blue Heron Upcycled Paper Wall Art

By Marlene

I am surrounded by nature which is a huge inspiration for the recycled pieces I create.

Recycling Magazine Pages

By avarelalopes

I start by collecting pages from magazines, supermarket folders, whatever paper with a bright color. Dividing the page in two, vertically I start to roll the pieces of paper, one […]

Rek: Upcycled Newspaper Into Flowers

By Neokentin

I love the idea of upcycling, and I try to make little poetry with waste material (newspapers, gazettes, magazines, plastic bags). I imagine, and I make bouquets of flowers which […]

Buddha, Collage From Upcycled Magazines, Newspapers & Buttons

By Neokentin

I found a velvet Jesus in the trash. I used old magazines, newspaper and buttons to create a Buddha.

St. Gerard Majella Magazine Collage Art

By Patrice Farmer

St. Gerard Majella is the Patron Saint of expecting mothers. Made from recycled old magazine pages and cardboard. It took about two days with six hours of work per day […]

Evergreen: Magazines Collage

By Jeff

Collage using garden magazines & product packaging…this little green guy has a camouflage tongue…among other features! Thanks for looking!

Ideas Of Decoration Made From Old Postcards


Postcards have been pushed aside by modern means of communication but do not cease to exude a special nostalgic style… And there are many ideas to use them creatively into […]

Mosaics Made With Recycled Candy and Drink Labels

By Recycled Mosaics

All my work is created with recycled candy and drink labels. It takes a good amount of time to create these mosaics, but it’s so worth it to share the […]

Ice Age Ii – Don’t Make Me Eat You!

By Titania

Diego to Sid: Don’t make me eat you! (…) You’re a little low on the food chain to be mouthing off, aren’t you? This collage of Ice Age heroes Sid, […]

Magazine Art

By Helena Andreasson

Those wall decorations are made out of recycled magazines. I got the inspiration from Ulas quilt site.

Fun Age – Scrat (Eis Im Hoernchen) From Ice Age

By Titania

This work shows Scrat from the movie “Ice Age“, made from watercolor and ice cream packages only. It’s a part of a series showing movie characters made from waste, as […]

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