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Upcycled Chromed Copper Artisan Earrings

By Neokentin

From under sink to under ear… who knew these little pieces of pipe could grow up to be artisan earrings! When heated just right, chrome will turn the loveliest shades of blue. A perfect complement for copper in these handcrafted mixed metal earrings.

Amazing Copper Piping Chair by Brc Designs

By Neokentin

This amazing chair is called American Pipe Dream Chair and it was designed by BRC Designs, a company founded by Benjamin Rollins Caldwell, based in Inman (USA). The main goal of BRC Designs is […]

Old Copper Tray into Pendant Light

By Neokentin

New life for an old copper serving tray, now a romantic hanging light reflector.

Solar Powered Trench Art Monoplane

By Randy Morris

This is my interpretation of a WWI Trench Art Monoplane made from a 50 caliber bullet. I built this monoplane from a discarded wine bottle, some old lamp parts & […]

Upcycled Boiler Lamps by Willem Heeffer

By Neokentin

Willem Heeffer’s boiler lamp collection is the first element of his new project The City as a Mine. This research project explores potential uses for various residue from local factories […]

Brass Pipe Light Bulb Planter

By raydream

Here’s a simple home DIY project apart from my other more complex stuff made from recycled materials where almost everybody can build from home, adds a little more industrial feel […]

Recycled Metal Jewelry

By Neodim

My name is Barbara Di Renzo. I’m an artist from Cambridge, ON, Canada and I create both artwork and jewelry from/incorporating recycled metal. These are photos of some jewelry pieces […]

Bottle Art Illuminated Butterfly

By Bloominglights

I believe as artist it’s important to express myself only using recycled products in my art projects. I mainly use recycled plastic water bottles, that are cut, shaped and hand […]

Eco Friendly Sunburst with Led Lights

By Bloominglights

This Sunburst is made out recycled plastic water bottles that have been cut, shaped, fused and hand painted. Sunburst frame is made of copper tubing with led lights for night […]

Flyrod Lamp, Armoire & Trees: All from Trash to Treasure

By Neokentin

The lamp use to be one of my favorite fishing rods…. now it’s one of my favorite lamps. It turns off and on by reeling it in. The boards were […]

La Danseuse

By Neokentin

Copper and Metal dancer set on a circle of Laburnum wood … all on a pedal bike “made in France”. A copper tube as a pen holder and brass just […]

Recycled Iron and Copper Pipe Fittings: Nadal Lupin

By Neokentin

This REcycling and UPcycling table lamp is made of galvanized iron pipes and fittings. It is designed to be used as a reading lamp. It wears rubber shoes to protect […]

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