by Barbara Di Renzo

Recycled Metal Jewelry

My name is Barbara Di Renzo. I’m an artist from Cambridge, ON, Canada and I create both artwork and jewelry from/incorporating recycled metal. These are photos of some jewelry pieces that I created from metal that I sourced from recycling plants. The bracelet cuffs are made from metal siding. I also used recycled copper wire in the ring and earrings. I enjoy using a blowtorch to create different patinas on the metal. I mainly align the metal on my artwork to the left of the canvas which inspired the name of my art studio, Left Align Design. My facebook page.







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John Moore

Great job!

Cathy Pascoe

I know Barb haunts our local recycling centers for her art… much so, that they all know her!! ;)

Dominique Cimq-Mars Delay
Dominique Cimq-Mars Delay
Reply to  Cathy Pascoe

While Barbara turns the rough pieces of metal into dainty jewelry and uncluttered modern composition on canvas, I use the rough piece of metal and use them raw into a narrative in my 2-D 3-D compositions on canvas. Our feet, our hands take the same road, our minds takes another direction. That is the beauty and the essence of being an artist.


I make mine from broken porcelain pieces:

Barbara Di Renzo - Left Align Design Art Studio

Thanks for sharing Recyclart :)

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