Weird, Wonderful Mannequin Leg Side Table

By GreenDevil

Get inspired by unique upcycled ideas like this weird, wacky and wonderful Mannequin Leg Side Table. I’ve always been a fan of weird and wonderful furniture that tells a story. […]

Diy Tutorial: Mixed-media Upcycled Mason Jars

By Neokentin

Turn Upcycled Mason Jars into one-of-a-kind works of art by using paint and collage techniques to create a colorful abstract look. Create Upcycled Mason Jars for your office, as a gift, […]

Turn Old Incense Burners Into Mini Trays!

By Maya Rodriguez

I turned Incense Burners Into Mini Trays! Additionally, I added a decoupage picture onto the completed tray and only used glue to put the pieces together. Incense Burners Into Mini Trays […]

How To Make An Upcycled French Farmhouse Rooster

By boreidesign

How to create an adorable papier mache rooster or chicken sculpture using all recycled materials and a few craft supplies.

Magazine Storage Solution

By mmpotter59

Solving a storage solution with everyday items.

Diy: Personalized Candles

By yonolotiraria

Make your own personalized candles with paper nipples and candles. A nice DIY project for all the candle lovers, the tutorial is available at Yonolotiraria (Spanish).

Newspaper Decoupage Chair

By Neokentin

Old chair stylized with recycled daily newspaper.

Tuning Vacuum Cleaner

By yonolotiraria

With ikea napkins and tail we will become an old vacuum cleaner in a one more modern

Decorated Vintage Breakfast Table

By Neokentin

This little table is very versatile: ideal for a nice breakfast in bed or working comfortably with your laptop. The wooden legs and borders make the structure solid, thanks to the […]

Recycled Chair Sofia Loren

By Neokentin

Recyced chair with the pictures of Sofia Loren from a spanish book about Mercedes.

Recycled Stools

By Neokentin

For an apartment in London I change the look of the furniture in dining room: a wooden table, 4 stools and 2 chairs. For the series of stools I took […]

Recycled Table

By Neokentin

For an apartment in London, I change the look of the furniture in the dining room: a wooden table, four stools, and two chairs. In the table, I used old […]

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